Testimonies of 4BK Grant Recipients

“With the help of the United Way 4BK Grant the City of Morganton and the Morganton Department of Public Safety can offer the D.A.R.E. Safe Haven Summer Camp to all D.A.R.E. graduates at no cost to the students. Our Safe Haven Summer Camp allows these students and their families to build positive relationships with local law enforcement officers while expanding on the lessons learned during their D.A.R.E. classes and completing a community service project before graduating camp.”

Casey Kinard, D.A.R.E. / Community Officer, Morganton Public Safety Dept.  2018 - 19


“We have been so fortunate to receive funds from the 4BK grant because it made a big impact on how children spend the time in our program. When children show up to our emergency shelter or even our family transitional home, they often do not have anything with them. These funds allow us to provide children with necessities such as warm clothing, shoes, athletic gear for school sports, school supplies and summer activities and programs. We are so very fortunate to live in a community that cares and supports one another. Being a UW partner agency is by far one of the BEST things to have ever happened to The Meeting Place.”

Alison Azbell, Executive Director, The Meeting Place Mission  2019 - 20


“The 4BK funds have allowed Options to provide 100 more hours of one on one therapy to families affected by sexual and domestic violence. Therapy provides the tools to reduce trauma and empowers the victims to thrive again.”

Kristy K. Graf, Executive Director, Options, Inc.  2019 - 20


“Without 4BK and the United Way, the children participating in our Arts & Cultural program at the Outreach Center, wouldn't have the kind of resources, instruments, and opportunities to achieve their dreams. This collaboration impacts children in a powerful way, by raising their self-esteem, increasing confidence, and improving social skills which increases their chance for future success! We are so fortunate to be a partner with United Way and 4BK” 

Todd Greene, Development Director, The Outreach Center  2019 - 20


“The 4BK grant through the Burke County United Way has allowed Burke Recovery, as an agent of community outreach - specifically in regards to substance use/misuse prevention, to impact the lives of the families that live, learn, work, play and pray in the place we call ‘home.’”

Kim James, Executive Director, Burke Recovery  2018 - 19


“Thanks to the 4BK Grant, 50 kids in Burke County -- many of them first-time summer campers -- experienced a one-of-a-kind, free nature camp! They made new friends, traveled to new outdoor places, challenged themselves with unique STEM activities, and learned about the infinite ways they can positively impact their natural environment.”

Beth Willard-Patton, Associate Director, Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina  2019 - 20