“2020 With Love ” - Seasonal Pop-up Store Serves as Win-Win!

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A Seasonal Pop-up Retail Store provides the opportunity for a win-win for the shopper and for Burke County United Way.

The Win:

100% of the revenue (minus sales tax) goes directly to Burke County United Way in support of their Community Enhancement initiatives.

Purchase a gift for yourself, or others, knowing that 100% of the revenue (minus sales tax) becomes a donation.

For this reason, “2020 With Love” offers a unique and different way to give.

In her en-pointe and touching article published October 11, 2020, Janice Krouskop, member of the Morganton Writers Group, captured the essence of “2020 With Love”: Love, from the heart, in service to others. We share the following details about the pop-up:

The Goal:

Raise $15,000...or more!

The “What:

The “2020 With Love” initiative began as a concept in 2019 to raise funds for Burke County United Way (BCUW). Facing Union Street, this space is fabulous for a small retail location - and perfect for a Pop-up!

“2020 With Love”, is a seasonal Pop-up Retail Store wherein all items are new, and have been hand- made, handcrafted, hand-sewn, hand-forged, and/or hand-embellished by local artisans. Items range from hand-made quilts, to purple polar hand-crafted pieces, to forged steel, and other lovely hand- sewn or crafted items and range in price from $3.00 to $400.00.

“The Who”:

Two Burke County Residents, Catherine and Susan, chose to donate their time, and talents, to Burke County United Way. As Catherine and Susan shared their vision with other crafters and artisans, many readily asked if they could donate and become a part of the venture. This tremendous response demonstrates county-wide support for the reach BCUW takes to provide assistance to populations of Burke County residents experiencing issues beyond their capacity to resolve - many of which directly impact children and the elderly. Some issues are immediate and considered a crisis, while others require a layering of services to remediate situational issues.

The “How”:

When proposed late summer 2019, Catherine and Susan delineated a process by which to utilize the current BCUW front office space as a seasonal, pop-up store. Proposal included aspects which could possibly come under scrutiny, such as use of space, and non-compete clauses. Like neighboring retail shops, “2020 With Love” offers exciting and creative merchandise.

Quite noteworthy and important is shoppers understand “2020 With Love” will operate in accordance with City of Morganton Guidelines for retail sales in the downtown business district, the Corporate United Way, and with State and Local Sales Tax Guidelines.

Vetted and approved by the Board of Directors, the vision became reality!


“The Now”:

Come and See!

Catherine and Susan have totally transformed the store-front space into a small, cozy, store filled with colorful, useful, and unique gifts. Quilts adorn the walls and stocking stuffer items abound! Weather permitting, an outdoor display of merchandise will be set -up.

Catherine crafted a unique piece of furniture from purple poplar boards, poplar trees, and fallen rhododendron, lightly decorated with moss and vine. A 7’ poplar, decorative, ladder combined with the piece of furniture offer unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition, Catherine has made hand bags, totes, table toppers and has decided to donate her first-ever quilt, named “Forest Floor”. Catherine enjoys working with organic materials such as wood, clay, and natural fiber fabrics. Purple poplar is unique and not easily obtained, explaining one reason for Catherine’s interest in it.

Susan has provided the bulk of the items in the store. Her creativity and love for sewing is evident in the quality and detail of her work. Items include snap-trays that travel well, keep personal items gathered together, and can be stored easily, microwave Kozies in every color-way, coaster sets, scrunchies, wine bottle bags, baby-doll quilts, and so much more. Susan did not forget those with a sweet tooth...chocolates presented in a beautiful and unusual way are perfect for stocking stuffers! Maddy Perry, Susan’s 9 year-old granddaughter, recreated small bird-houses to be used as tree ornaments.

Cindy Konarski, a locally well-known quilter, has donated several of her quilts. Cindy, a member of The Burke Quilters Guild, reached out to other Quilters Guild Members regarding potential interest in donating to “2020 With Love”. Response has been nothing short of amazing. Quilts and lap throws now adorn the walls! One such person is Joan Cole, an 89 year old quilter, also locally known for her quilts, donated several cute and whimsical quilts/wall hangings to the store.

Anne Vogler, retired School Counselor Burke County Public Schools, made an assortment of nicely adorned “Mommie and Me” Apron Sets. Complete with a recipe, baking utensil, and desire for baking, these apron sets are up to the task!

Joe Lyle, owner WNC Dry Kiln, Marion NC, donated all purple poplar used to create over-sized pickets. Each picket is decorated uniquely to adorn a front door, or a special place inside the home.

Oak Hill Iron and Wood donated a beautiful, praying angel; Dr. Perry Beeson donated a hand-crafted bird-house; Betty Ann Wilson contributed her own style of Victorian-vintage accessory items, which have a magic about them; Adventures in Bloom donated two pair of earrings; Linda Joeckel donated hand-painted wood Christmas ornaments; and a team of couples, Martin and Beth Whitaker, and Lloyd and Helen Wallace, decided to hand tie-dye masks and donate them - colorful and wonderful!

The Store will be staffed, primarily by Catherine and Susan, and few of the donors. We are so proud of this unique initiative and sincerely hope Burke County Residents will consider “2020 With Love” a holiday shopping destination.

We are grateful for monetary donations already received; however, to reach, or exceed our goal, donations above the asking retail price will be greatly appreciated.


Store Location:

121 West Union Street Morganton, NC 28655


Store Hours:

Opening Friday, November 27 - Saturday, December 19 Wednesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm


To learn more about “2020 With Love” and the engaging ways BCUW contributes to the Community, visit www.bcuw.org/2020-With-Love


Press Release written by Catherine A. Turner, Retired Registered Nurse, Artist/Crafter, and past BCUW Board Member