7 Ways You Can Choose to Challenge Gender Inequity

Celebrate International Women's Day with these mentorship ideas.

Challenges faced together are often easier to manage. That’s true no matter your age or stage in life. Having someone who is by your side to help you face challenges is the power of mentorships! So for this International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the power of mentoring – in all its forms – women and girls in order to challenge current systems and eliminate inequity and gender bias.

HOPE Program - March 2021

Burke County United Way has heard from some community members who are confused about United Way’s role with the North Carolina HOPE Program and we want to offer clarification. Please read below to understand who to contact with questions and how United Way is involved.    

Burke Health Department - Important News Update

Updated at Noon, January 19, 2021

The vaccine registration process has changed to allow more convenient access and scheduled appointment times to get the COVD-19 vaccination. We have changed the phone system so that we will be able to handle the volume of calls.

If you are 65 years or older and wish to get the vaccine, please call the Community Vaccine Call Center to schedule an appointment at 828-358-4454. The call center will be open Monday through Wednesday 8am to 4:30pm to assist you with scheduling.