2021-2022 Campaign

Our Campaign Goals


After a year of Strategic Planning, Burke County United Way has focused its 2021-2022 fundraising campaign on collaborative projects that address the top issues in our community. We recognize that our community's most pressing challenges are interwoven, and seek to address the challenges in a multitiered approach to positively impact the future of individual and generations to come.​


As a community collaborator, we are focusing on root causes, building strategic partnerships, and mobilizing the broader community to make an impact.



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We seek to empower individuals and families to develop plans and goals to move from surviving to thriving through the funding of financial wellness programs, small loan programs, and housing/utility deposit programs.




28.6% of families in NC are considered A.L.I.C.E.* families, which is about double the population of those in poverty (14.8%). That means more than 40 percent of North Carolinians are barely getting by. (source)


31% of children in Burke County live in Poverty. (source)

*Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed



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Housing & Homelessness

Through collaboration with other community organizations, we strive to increase affordable housing in Burke County funding workforce housing construction projects and certifying families for eligibility; as well as negate homelessness by addressing our homeless populations needs together with community partners.




3,000+ is the estimated housing need for renters and single-family homes in Burke County. (source)


58% of low-to-moderate income families pay more than 30% of their income toward housing monthly. (source)


50-70 individuals in Burke County are experiencing homelessness according to informal surveys by the Morganton Dept. of Public Safety. 



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We strive to cover the cost of before school, afterschool, and summer childcare for low-income, working families whose income is below the poverty level and who pay more than 30% of their income toward housing.




85% of US parents say they are spending 10%+ of income on childcare. Affordability is considered to be 7% or less of income. (source)


58% of parents spent over $10,000 on childcare in 2020. (source)

$9,254 is the average cost of center-based infant care.

$7,220 is the average cost of public 4-year university tuition. 




Last Year's Community Impact


In 2020, we responded to the ongoing affects of COVID-19 by focusing our campaign solely on K-12 education and the needs of students.


The Keep Learning Moving Forward Campaign (formerly Internet Hotspots for Education) raised funds for students in Burke County and was a partnership between us and Burke County Public Schools.


The campaign raised $86,301 and served 1,223 students in all, providing backpacks and supplies, laptops and internet hotspots, reading books, and funds for the Counselors Student Needs Fund.


$22,165 of that campaign total was raised by our community in one day on 1BurkeGives Giving Day 2020.



View/Download our 2020-2021 Community Investment Report

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