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Wendy Cato, Resource Development Director

828-433-0681 ext. 14

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Jennifer Yoder, Burke Health Solutions

828-433-0681 ext. 17

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What kind or organizations or agencies does United Way support?
Why do most people give to United Way?
Does Burke County United Way fund political parties? Religious organizations? Abortions?
Why should I give through United Way’s community care fund instead of just making a contribution to a single agency?
How much does United Way pay to United Way Worldwide?
If there is an organization that is special to me, can I choose it to receive part or all of my donation?
How large is the Burke County United Way staff?
If you work in Burke County and make a pledge at work, can you designate it to a United Way in a neighboring county where you live?
Why does United Way print a fair share guide on the pledge form?
Why should I give every year when United Way has never helped me?
Doesn’t giving to my church accomplish as much as giving to United Way?
Do United Way agencies serve only poor people?
If my spouse and I both work, does it matter which workplace gets the United Way pledge?